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Refund Policy
for online training

The onus is on the student to request a refund by email to: info@centrefortraining.com.au

Full Refund

Centre for Training agrees to refund, within 10 days, with no deduction, fees where the student has been unable to access the online learning material due to a Centre for Training system failure of the online learning Portal. That is, the learning material is not available for access by all students due to technical failure of the learning platform.

Partial Refund

Centre for Training agrees to refund, within 10 days, fees paid with a $50 deduction for administration fees upon the following conditions:

    • the computer system being used by the student does not meet the minimum requirements detailed for use of the online learning material;
    • a student enrolling in, and not commencing training, then determining it is not the correct course for their needs. For instance, they accidently enrolled into the incorrect course. Please note, there is a clear description on the Centre for Training website detailing what the training is for.

No Refund

Centre for Training will provide no refund in cases where a student’s has commenced the online training they have enrolled in but does not wish to proceed due to their circumstances changing or the student has changed their mind.

Last modified: Friday, 20 October 2023, 04:44 PM